Consider this. A coach is navigation system, albeit an extremely advanced one, and the client is the driver. In other words, no plan in the world will work, if you don’t. You need to do the driving.

Through scientific evidence we now have the information regarding what to do, and why to do it. But there is little information on how to do it. Simply because the how part is individual and requires individual analysis and strategies.

My role as your coach is to consider your circumstances, provide you with the relevant tools, knowledge and pathway, appropriate to your goal. You are the driver. It is your responsibility to follow the pathway to the best of your ability, provide feedback and communicate with your coach along the way if and when circumstances change.

This way we work together effectively to reach any goal.



A single one hour discussion, on location or video call. Upon completion, receive a plan of action based on the goals of your consult.


Ongoing training and nutritional guidance for the experienced, self-motivated and independent individuals looking to take their performance to the next level. Strictly reserved for experienced individuals.


On location at Anytime Fitness Newtown, for anyone interested in specific guidance only possible through hands-on in-person training.