Welcome to some unsexy resources to help provide you with quality information and advice about achieving your physical fitness and overall health goals.

Better Basics; Table of Contents

  • Reason

    The most important thing to fuel and back your journey.

  • Getting started

    Ideas and reasons that will help you take the right starting steps to pursue your fitness and health.

  • Consistency

    Steps on how to develop consistency both with training and food.

  • Effective movement

    Steps on how to use strength training to move towards your goals.

  • Quality food

    Steps on how to develop a better overall diet for any weight goal.

  • Stay in your lane

    Ideas and reasons that will help you avoid the most common pitfalls for every newcomer.

  • FREE Beginner plans

    Routines you can follow that look to build your foundations for long-term success.

  • Movement fundamentals

    Get a better idea of the basic fundamental movement patterns that you should be trying to master.