A rabbit hole...

I'm going to start talking about things I'm wildly not qualified to talk about, I'm hesitant because it's a huge topic and a massive rabbit hole. This is my truth currently, right now, I'm more than open to look back on this and say I was wrong. But this is my biggest and most important message and it gives you an insight into who I am, what I find important, why health and fitness, why I'm here to help change lives above all else.

So, I actually wrote this down, so I can stay on topic and not ramble. This was inspired by Pocahontas and Grandma Willow talking about ripples. Pocahontas says, "the ripples" and Grandma Willow says, "so small at first then look how they grow, but someone has to start them."

Let me start with this.

Your weight is not your worth. The scale does not dictate your worth.

Now I understand that this is a huge issue for a lot of people, and it is easier said than done, but pause here if you must and think about it. Your weight is not your worth.

Your body fat percentage is not your worth.

The reflection in the mirror is not your worth.

The way you look does not determine your worth.

Try not to let anyone shame you for not looking the way they think you should look - that is subjective, it’s in the eye of beholder.

You don't deserve any less or anymore because you look a certain way, you weigh a certain weight - if someone is trying to tell you otherwise, they aren't worth your time.

I'm starting with this because this is how the fitness industry lures you, through your insecurities. The insecurity that you need to look a certain way. The way you look does not determine your worth. If your PT, or anyone, or anything starts pointing out your numbers and makes you feel unworthy - when you didn't ask them to - walk away. If you asked them to, that’s another conversation but if they are relying on your insecurities about the way you look then in my opinion, they are only looking to help themselves.

What does determine your worth? So, this is the stuff I'm not qualified to really talk about. What does determine your worth? Honestly, I don't know. That’s up to you. But to me, it's your spirit and how the ripples you create in life grow and affect people. I'll stop there because it is a rabbit hole that I don't want to get into. But your worth is not determined by your body, simply because of this - time and death are undefeated - your body will fade. your mind will fade. Alright this rabbit hole is getting deeper. But your body will fade, like it does for everyone. So personally, I don't think it's a good idea to anchor your worth on those external factors.

This however does not excuse you from taking care of your health. Your body is a reflection of your health not your worth. When I talk about health I talk about quality of life, potentially quantity, but that’s ultimately out of our control.

So, don't misinterpret the message. You still NEED to take care of your health. I don't say need often because it’s a strong word. But you need to take care of your health. Remember your body is a reflection of your health not your worth.

What do I mean by this?

Let me get a little less vague and a little more specific so it hits a little closer to home. Being overweight or obese or unhealthy does not determine your worth. Being unhealthy, obese or overweight does negatively impact your quality of life, your health. Let me repeat myself, don't let anyone shame you on the way you look, or for being obese or overweight but it doesn't excuse you from taking responsibility of your health. Your body is a reflection of your health not your worth.

But why? why take care of health? The way you look is very subjective, health is also subjective with a little more objectivity.

I've been thinking about this for a while - and the simplest way I can say this without rambling is - time is undefeated and your body is your vehicle through your lifetime.

We all know or have seen, a grandma, grandpa or whoever, the elderly. Watch them. Watch them move. Pay attention to their movements what they struggle with and start being grateful for your ability to move. Because that is the future, that is your future. You are not far from being unable sit down on the toilet, unable to comfortably walk up & down stairs, unable to tie your own shoes or unable to wipe your own ass - these are realities for some people. This is a potential future, this is a potential quality of life. Do you want this quality of life? Where you have no independence? Where you have no choice but to poo your pants and sit there and wait for someone else to clean you up because you can't get up? Time is undefeated.

I'm well aware this a little bit of fear mongering but I don't think its uncalled for. I can agree it's a little extreme but not irrelevant.

Someone asked me recently, what motivates me to keep going to the gym and pushing my limits etc. etc. I'm strong enough, I look decent. It's the mindset that I'm going to be old someday - hopefully.

I'm constantly looking for motivation. But there is a future that I'm trying to delay as much as possible. I understand that my health, my weight, my movements will help delay this quality of life, so to me it's not an option, it's not negotiable. I understand there are no guarantees, but no there are no guarantees in anything. Except that time and death are undefeated, that's the only guarantee. If that's your excuse, that’s a cop out and you’re just telling yourself what you want to hear.

I heard once that, muscle is the fountain of youth. Why? I thought about it. Muscle means movements, movement means vitality, vitality can be considered youth. So, in my eyes the better you can move the greater your quality of life. So, get moving, it's that simple.

Why you should take care of your health, because time is undefeated, and we are all headed in that direction. It sounds like I'm afraid of getting old but don't get me wrong it's not a fear of getting old - I think it’s more a fear of not being able to wipe my own ass. We'll see. I told you this rabbit hole goes deep.

So, your body is a vehicle for your lifetime - it only makes sense to take care of that vehicle. It's up to you what to do with that vehicle.

If you're willingly, consciously, knowingly deciding NOT to take responsibility for your health then you've accepted your taking 5-10 years of your life, maybe more. Wherever your taking your vehicle, whatever ripples your trying to make in life, your taking away 5-10 years of being able to do that. If that’s okay with you, then so be it.

I say responsibility because, hell, it’s your body. You know the future. You know the risks. You know the benefits. Let's take the personal out of it for a second. Let's talk about money. Savings. Whose responsibility is it that I didn't saved money and prepare for the future? Whose responsibility is it that I haven't serviced my vehicle and its broken down? Now I have to burden others to help me.

While we can... Yes! let's get you looking the best you've ever looked. Feeling the best, you've felt. Because now you know that your 6 pack or "toned" stomach is not your worth, and it will fade. It's definitely nice to look at. You want to present to people what you think is attractive, not what they think is attractive. That’s what it means to do it for yourself. You vs. you or whatever people say.

So that's me. Yes, I absolutely want to help you shape your best body, your best vehicle and help you feel better. But for me, your body is reflection of your health. Take care of your health and if you put in the work your body will follow. Right now, I lean more towards being a bodybuilder I'm trying to shape my physique, shape my vehicle, but I don't do drugs because I don't want to sacrifice that health, that potential quality of life, for the aesthetics benefits. I know my physique will fade. It's a luxury I'm making the most of right now.

I know this is bleak and a little morbid, but this is end game stuff. Right now, go after whatever you want to go after. 6-pack, big arms, nice butt, superhuman strength, crazy endurance. Let me help you get all those goals. But remember that stuff will fade and there is a future is waiting for you on the other side.

Let me end on a little bit of a higher more positive note. I never took care of myself. This is my short synopsis on my story. I played video-games for about 12-14 hours a day, trying to become a professional StarCraft II player. I was never athletic, barely played sports, didn't give health a second thought. I was roughly 55kg 182cm, skinny. Super skinny for 20 years of my life, which is most of my life. So that is where a lot of my mindset comes from, that skinny kid. Nothing ever happened to me, no trauma, no drama. Sure, I had the same insecurities that plague every other skinny teenage boy. Now I've flipped my life around, I'm on the other side, right now 80kg 182cm lean, muscular. It wasn't for anyone else, it definitely wasn't to feel more worthy, it was and is for my future. I'm no one and nothing special and I managed to make a change.

So, my positive note is if you take responsibility, I wholeheartedly believe, if you put in the effort. You’re capable of changing. I hope that this protects you and gives you an insight into who I am, what I find to be ultimately important and why. Hopefully help you find some things important to you as well that will drive you to take care of your health.