The UNSEXY mission

The unsexy mission is to stimulate critical thinking by asking better questions, bridge the gap between health and fitness through necessary nutritional and training interventions, and develop lasting confidence and health in people.

Hi, my name is Allen

I’m a personal trainer in Sydney. Actually, I consider myself more of an educator. I like the idea of equipping people with the knowledge to take control of their health. I plan on doing that by giving you the tools to make training and nutrition effective, simple, understandable, but above all, relevant to you and your goals.

I’m really not here to convince you to take care of your health. You’re here because you’ve already to do that.

My ideal client is anyone with a reason and a willingness to learn. But more importantly, anyone not looking for an easy way out.

There are no secrets. We’ll focus on developing consistency, practicing effective movement and eating quality food.

When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.
— Futurama
The following is an excerpt from a blog post “A Rabbit Hole"

Let me get a little less vague and a little more specific so it hits a little closer to home. Being overweight or obese or unhealthy does not determine your worth. Being unhealthy, obese or overweight does negatively impact your quality of life, your health. Let me repeat myself, don't let anyone shame you on the way you look, or for being obese or overweight but it doesn't excuse you from taking responsibility of your health. Your body is a reflection of your health not your worth.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
— Albert Einstein


A coach is navigation system, albeit an extremely advanced one, and the client is the driver. In other words, no plan in the world will work, if you don’t. You need to do the driving.

My role as your coach is to consider your circumstances, provide you with the relevant tools, knowledge and pathway, appropriate to your goal. You are the driver. It is your responsibility to follow the pathway to the best of your ability, provide feedback and communicate with your coach along the way if and when circumstances change.


Training is a building tool. Use it to help you grow and develop towards your goal.

Often people workout hard for the sake of working out hard. Each workout or session should be for the sake of developing you and making you better. Relative but different. We often need a hard workout to make you better, but that doesn’t make working out hard the goal.

Have a plan that considers your abilities, lifestyle, interests and individual ultimate goal. Execute the plan.


Albeit important, there is more to nutrition than macro-nutrient and calorie targets.

Nutrition should not be complicated or unnecessarily restrictive. Effective nutritional guidance considers individual goals, lifestyle, experience level, personal preferences and eating behaviours.

We will focus on the things that will make the biggest difference to the individual and not lose ourselves in the unnecessary details. People often fall into a state of paralysis by analysis when it comes to nutrition. Understand the important concepts relevant to your goals and block out all the other noise.